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Ben   Marell

• iOS / Android Lecturer • Creator • Coder •
• Data Driven • Photographer •

Ben Marell

Hi there, I'm Ben. I'm currently seeking Product Management opportunities. I'd love to show you a few things I've done...

Tools   for   Photographers -  Pixtle
(current  project)

Anticipating that the market for landscape photography and prints will become less attractive in the long term - with trends towards higher volumes of entry-level dSLRs sales and mobile phones taking over consumer photography segments - I looked at developing a tool to help this increasing number of users manage their photography businesses - supplying the pickaxe in the gold rush so to speak. (Note: functioning prototype screenshots displayed only, not a reflection of final design).

Facebook Ads
Python / Django
JS / React JS / Flux

Landscape  Photographer  Enthusiast.
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads

I have a passion for photography, specifically landscape and seascape settings.

Around this passion I have created a online store to sell beach-themed framed prints.

University  Events

Worked on a project involving linking university students with the best events on campus, as well as classifieds for textbooks and gear

This was my first exposure to the lean startup

UX Design / PS
Python / Djano

The Seascapist (for iPad)

If you're looking for someone with a sense of creativity
technical prowess and attention to detail, I'd love to hear from you.

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